Mobile Spy software updates

In the year of 2010, several software companies has offered updates to their Mobile spy software which gives its user even more access to the “compromised” mobile phone.

One of them is Retina-X studios, who annouced an update to their Mobile Spy software today which now offers a complete monitoring solution geared towards parents and employers. The service which cost about $100 per year had previously allowed users to monitor the calls, SMS, browser and GPS of the device. The new updates allows users to monitor all email, photos and videos that is captured by the device.

Whether this is legal especially when it comes to employers who uses it to montor their employees is a questionable question. But there is no question that increased understanding of the mobile phone security process by these companies are allowing more and more information to be captured by their users.

While the biggest users of these monitoring software are employers, increasing number of parents use it to monitor their children, and an increasing number of spouses are using it to monitor their partner. There has been no incidents of people using the information captured in legal proceedings yet, but it will be interesting when that eventually happens.

For now, users can get easy access to these software over the Internet.