Some People consider Bluebugging as a form of Bluesnarfing. But the nature is very different.

Blue Bugging was invented in 2004, barely a year after bluesnarfing started. While bluesnarfing is about stealing files from a victim’s device, blue snarfing does a very different job. It takes control of a victims mobile and commands it to do what the bluebugger wishes.

To put it in real terms, it means a bluebugger can take control of your phone, and use it to send a message or make a call or literally do anything as though they own the phone.

While early bluebugging requires the bugger(literally) using a previously paired device, new tools in bluebugging has done away with that. Which means that anyone with the right knowledge and tool and take control of your phone.

The possibilities and consequences of this, I’ll leave you to imagine