Bluejacking in 2011

This is a personal article. I have not shared my bluejacking experienced online for a long time. Many people has been asking me if bluejacking is dead. Some say that smartphones and iphones cannot be bluejacked. Others says that it is very difficult to do so. I often have my doubts.
A recent holiday to thailands points out otherwise. Bluejacking is well and alive in the city of Bangkok. While on thei city train, I saw a bunch of teenages playing with their phone. And guess what, there were bluejacking other people on the trains (Not in English). I got to see a few amused, confused or even angry faces of people who recieved messages which I cannot see, nor will comprehend if I get to see them.
Of course, the small group of teenages were making looking so suspicious, intently looking and typing into their phones that they are the prime suspect. No on confronted them and even if they do, bluejacking is mere fun, nothing illegal.
What pleased me was some of these boys were carrying smartphones, iphones and yes they can be bluejacked. I have not tried a blackberry.

A reminder to all that bluejacking is the fun of sending messages through bluetooth to another phone, often a unsuspecting person. But there is no stealing of data or usagge of the phone. That is bluesnarfing and bluebugging and is certainly not encouraged.

So go ahead and enjoy bluejacking in 2011 🙂