Review: A New Concept to Power Banks

Power Bank Stack Solar

I had the chance to review Stack Up G Power Bank when I wrote to the company requesting to have a review their product after I saw the campaign on Indiegogo: Stack Up G Power.

Collection was simple since we were in the same country. My first thought about this product is that it is a pretty smart idea. Stacking up power banks literally allows us to use it like a bank. Instead of withdrawing money, we deposit power banks to charge and withdraw an amount we want anytime.


First contact, the product is well finished. No rough edges, USB posts are well fitted, no lose parts. The usage is idiot proof and batteries are connected together and taken apart easily.

G power 2


  • Li-ion 6000mAh per battery
  • Output: 2 USB Output 2 A and 1 A output.
  • Charging Times: 6 hours via USB 1~2 hours via DC
  • Weight 116 g
  • Dimension 98x98x12mm



  • Voltage testing from 5.06V to 4.73V at the lowest. That’s pretty good output  Li-ion battery
  • One fully Charged batter charged my Galaxy Note 3 battery nearly 3 times. 3rd time to 89%
  • Full charge took about 5hrs on the USB. Took 1 hour and 8 mins on DC using the base plate.

G power charge
Overall Impression

Overall I am impressed by the idea. The batteries themselves are well made and does what it says. What I like about this is the simplicity of the concept and the ability to pick anything from one to as many powerbanks at one go and use them together or separately. I impressed this gal at a party by breaking away one of the batteries and lend her some power. The cons of this product is the shape. I wish they made it rectangular rather than square given most of our phones aren’t square in the first place. Overall, a great product. Good Job