Category: Palm OS

Bluejacking tools compatible with Palm OS

Meeting Point

Meeting Point is the perfect tools to search for bluetooth devices. You can set your meetingpoint to a certain channel and meet up with people you’ve not met before. Combine it with any bluejacking tools and have lots of fun.…


 Features: Can intercept class 3 device at a distance Finds devices in “non discoverable” mode 2 modes: Normal scan and brite force scan

Toggle Bluetooth

Features: Simple Program which if your Bluetooth is on It will turn it off. if Bluetooth is off. running it will turn it on. Very Simple you put this app on speeddial number and holding that number will either turn…


Features: Lets you change the Bluetooth Device Class on your PalmOS Device Can make your Device look like a Printer or PC


Features: Searches for Bluetooth Devices Spams them with small text if they support OBEX Customize Message Sending of images supported