Category: Windows

Bluejacking tools that will run on Windows Mobile Edition or Windows XP

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth Remote Control turns your mobile phone into a universal controller for Windows. Features: See Desktop on the phone Play Songs from Media Player Java Based Customize simple keymaps or, for full control over the UI


Features: Tested on Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and Motorola A920 and A925 provides functionality which manufacturers did not provide or are difficult to do manually Excellent Bluejacking Capabilities Comprehensive Manual Included


Features: Runs on Wondows Mobile Devices Searches a list of bluetooth devices Blue Snarfing of detected Devices Service Queries if detected Bluetooth Devices

Medieval Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

Features: Analyze and scan any Bluetooth network Displays a list of bluetooth devices Technical details include available services, device addresses and more. span> list cached automatically, so that the information can be reviewed, even when the devices are offline. 2000/XP/Vista


Features: Uses Microsoft .NET Performs forensic extracting and decoding of date store in electronic devices Plugins available to read data from mobile phones and Sim cards.