iphone security flaw

iphone and ipad contains hidden file that tracts and store user location secretly.

A recent technology conference in United States reveals a report that is going to invoke a lot of questions. The report shows that iphones and ipads contains a hidden file in the operating software. This hidden file stores a person geographical location and marks them with a time stamp. This information is stored onto any local computer that the iphone syncs with and is stored as an non encrypted file, which means anyone can access the data.
While this has raised privacy issues with iphone and ipad users, Apple might not be legally wrong as it has disclosed in it’s privavy policy that it would collect, use and share real time geographical location of your apple computer or device.

It is not clear why Apple is collecting this data, how it is collecting it and what it plans to do with it. But this has riled many users who feel that their rights has been compromised, especially when the file was a hidden one.

The other problem is that, having the data stored onto any local computer the iphone syncs with, the data can easily fall prey to anyone easily.

Given iphone’s popularity, will this revelation affect the sales of it’s devices? Time will tell.