How to Bluejack

Bluejacking the Traditional Way

The easiest way to bluejack without any tools

1. Go to the address book. Create a New contact

2. When creating the contact, enter the message you wish to bluejack into the contact name part

3. Choose: Send card via bluetooth

4. Search for bluetooth devices in range

5. Select the one of the devices found: This is the fun part, you can guess who is the “cool dude” or “Fat pig” bluetooth name.

6. Click send and listen carefully for the message tone. See the astonished look on the victims face.

7. This is the best part, now you know who is is? Send another message the same way and freak them out. Eg. Say: You look so good in white pants.

8. Enjoy 🙂

Note: For phones with bluetooth version 2.0, you might need a bluejacking software. Search here to find one.