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Silent Disco/ Clubbing Hits the World

Silent discois a phenomenon that has taken off at music festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo), bars and weddings as a way to party without running afoul of noise ordinances and curfews. Also called silent party or mobile clubbing. it involves the gathering…

Bluejacking in 2011

This is a personal article. I have not shared my bluejacking experienced online for a long time. Many people has been asking me if bluejacking is dead. Some say that smartphones and iphones cannot be bluejacked. Others says that it…

DefCon 11 presentation for Blue Sniff

This is a wonderful powerpoint presentation on Bluetooth wardriving by the creator of Bluesniff. Features: Discussed Discovery of Devices, Bluetooth attacks Shows Wadriving using Bluesniff Screen Shots provided Any questions, please visit for forum for answers