Category: Windows

Bluejacking tools that will run on Windows Mobile Edition or Windows XP

Undelete SMS

Features: can recover deleted SMS messages from a GSM SIM card Must be ran from command prompt Can display delete sms to command prompt, not restore on phone

AirMagnet – BlueSweep

Features: This software identifies that bluetooth security can be hard to implement, bluesweep allows you to Identify every local Bluetooth device See interconnections between Bluetooth devices Identify all services available on each device With this knowledge you can better protect…

Toggle Bluetooth

Features: Simple Program which if your Bluetooth is on It will turn it off. if Bluetooth is off. running it will turn it on. Very Simple you put this app on speeddial number and holding that number will either turn…

Blue Alert

Features: Bluetooth device monitoring Shows a popup notification every time a device comes in range, or a device goes out of range