Category: Unix

Green Plaque

Features: This Application simply finds discoverable bluetooth devices Requires the Affix Bluetooth protocol libraries Program will cause damage to the found device. Sister of Redfang which was to find non-discoverable bluetooth devices


Features: This is a Bluetooth pentesting suite. its a lot like bluebug, bluesnarf, and bluesmack in the attacks it can implement and also features bluetooth address spoofing.


Features: Bluesniff is bluetooth wardriving utility. useful for finding discoverable and hidden bluetooth devices. Operates on Linux

Affix Bluetooth Stack

Features: supports core Bluetooth protocols like HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP Supports Multiple Devices Support for several bluetooth profiles ( general acces, serial prot, dial up, LAN, PAN for example )


Features: Allows Chat between Bluetooth enabled devices Support for Instant Messengers (AIM/IRC/ICQ/MSN) Bluetooth environment monitoring (real world buddy list)