Blueshoot Bluejacking Software

Blueshoot is a easy to use fun tool to bluejacing. The setup is easy and it feel almost like sending an sms except it is via blue tooth. Features: Java OS Spy mode to detect devices on the sly Autoshoot…

Meeting Point

Meeting Point is the perfect tools to search for bluetooth devices. You can set your meetingpoint to a certain channel and meet up with people you’ve not met before. Combine it with any bluejacking tools and have lots of fun.…

DefCon 11 presentation for Blue Sniff

This is a wonderful powerpoint presentation on Bluetooth wardriving by the creator of Bluesniff. Features: Discussed Discovery of Devices, Bluetooth attacks Shows Wadriving using Bluesniff Screen Shots provided Any questions, please visit for forum for answers


Features: Tested on Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and Motorola A920 and A925 provides functionality which manufacturers did not provide or are difficult to do manually Excellent Bluejacking Capabilities Comprehensive Manual Included

Bluetooth Expert

Firstly, Some of you realised the site was down with a landing page of “the account is suspected”. That’s thanks to my host who’s complaining of too many connections. Thankfully that is settled. A Company in the US is looking…